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 CHU Mock 2009 NBA Draft (Final)
# Team Name Pos HT/WT Year College/Country
1 Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin PF 6-9/250 SO Oklahoma
CHU Analysis: No suspense from the minute the Clips won the Lottery. Unfortunately for Mike Dunleavy is seems he's stuck with Zach Randolph
2 Memphis Grizzlies Hasheem Thabeet C 7-2/265 JR Connecticut
CHU Analysis: While Chris Wallace has given up on bring Rubio to Memphis, there is still a strong possibility the pick gets traded to Minnesota or Sacramento. Maybe even New York if hearts change on proposals. If Rubio slips, it's because he didn't show the Grizzlies any love. Thabeet is Plan B, but why take someone you kind of want instead of adding a young vet and a pick a couple spots down?
3 Oklahoma City Thunder James Harden SG 6-5/220 SO Arizona State
CHU Analysis: Sam Presti could work something out with Memphis before the Draft, but refuses to give up Thabo Sefolosha - for now. Thabeet is a nice fallback if Rubio get picked at #2. The Thunder really need a rim defender and lane clogger on defense. Plus, Thabeet will not require the ball much, which should be a plus for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Will OKC grab a second lottery pick from Phoenix?
4 Sacramento Kings Ricky Rubio PG 6-4/175 Int'l Spain
CHU Analysis: The Kings are using a smokescreen to make it appear Tyreke Evans or Jonny Flynn are their top choices. But the reality is this is spin control if Rubio doesn't slide or they can't make a deal with Memphis. Regardless, the Kings will get a talented point guard from the Draft.
5 Minnesota Timberwolves
(from Washington)
Tyreke Evans PG/SG 6-5/220 FR Memphis
CHU Analysis: David Kahn has stirred the pot leading up to the Draft and while he will keep at least one of the two Lottery selections, he wants to get a deal done with Memphis. It is most likely the Twolves grab their backcourt of the future, with James Harden a good bet to be half that equation. Will Kevin Love get dealt?
6 Minnesota Timberwolves Stephen Curry PG/SG 6-3/180 JR Davidson
CHU Analysis: See #5.
7 Golden State Warriors Jordan Hill PF 6-10/230 JR Arizona
CHU Analysis: GM Larry Riley would like people to believe he's running the show in Oakland, but apparently it's Monta Ellis. Apparently the scoring lead guard has been assured he is the point guard of the present. A big bodied rebounder is what the Warriors really need anyway, to balance the slender frontcourt players already occupying the roster. Golden State rarely follows logic, so who knows? But Riley did find a way to move Jamal Crawford and save cap space, so maybe it's the dawn of a new era.
8 New York Knicks Jrue Holiday PG 6-4/200 FR UCLA
CHU Analysis: The Knicks have been frustrated due to their inability to make a deal thus far. Donnie Walsh thought he had a deal with Washington to get the fifth pick and currently have been thwarted in attempts to move up to get Hill or Curry. There is still a chance they get something done with Memphis if Wilson Chandler becomes expendable. Taking on Darko Milicic from the Grizzlies would also be a plus.
9 Toronto Raptors Demar DeRozan G/F 6-6/210 FR USC
CHU Analysis: For some time it has seemed Demar DeRozan and the Raptors were a match. Has something changed? Apparently it's down to James Johnson, x and DeRozan
10 Milwaukee Bucks Jonny Flynn PG 6-0/195 SO Syracuse
CHU Analysis: The big news around Milwaukee was the trade of Richard Jefferson for what is ultimately cap space and enigma Amir Johnson. It would seem GM John Hammond intends to keep restricted FAs Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions. Expect this pick to be a point guard unless the Bucks have been coy all along and grab a wing. With MIchael Redd and Joe Alexander set there, that appears unlikely.
11 New Jersey Nets Terrence Williams G/F 6-6/215 SR Louisville
CHU Analysis: New Jersey needs a wing who can play the two and three, plus a big forward to pair with Brook Lopez. Tyler Hansbrough is a possibility here, as are wings Terrence Williams and Gerald Henderson. In the NBA, all things being equal, the big man goes first.
12 Charlotte Bobcats Tyler Hansbrough PF 6-9/235 SR North Carolina
CHU Analysis: The real need for Charlotte is a complement to Emeka Okafor, but will that player be available here? It might be a reach if Hansbrough is gone, so the second need is talent on the wing.
13 Indiana Pacers Brandon Jennings PG 6-1/175 Int'l None
CHU Analysis: So Larry Bird has Danny Granger and... role players. The only hope for star power at this point of the draft is to gamble on high reward. Point guard is the likely position to drop, so that makes sense, except T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack are on hand. Athleticism in the frontcourt is also a need, if not available.
14 Phoenix Suns Earl Clark SF 6-9/225 JR Louisville
CHU Analysis: Phoenix is sitting on the fence of whether it's time to rebuild or push one last time for an NBA title. So, does Steve Kerr grab a player who can help out now or take a chance on a long term project? This pick also rumored to be headed Oklahoma City's way if a deal can be struck, in which case the Thunder would take Ohio State seven-footer B.J. Mullens.
15 Detroit Pistons B.J. Mullens C 7-1/260 FR Ohio State
CHU Analysis: Joe Dumars has cleared more space for attempted runs at FAs this summer and there is still speculation surrounding Richard Hamilton and Tayshawn Prince. This pick could still be moved. The Pistons will look for the best player available here instead of worrying about a specific need.
16 Chicago Bulls Gerald Henderson SG 6-5/215 JR Duke
CHU Analysis: While this pick is not an afterthought for new GM Gar Forman, the most pressing needs are FA Ben Gordon, trade bait Kirk Hinrich and Tyus Thomas and clearing cap space for FA class of 2010. A low block scorer would fit, as might a future backcourt partner for Derrick Rose.
17 Philadelphia 76ers Ty Lawson PG 6-0/200 JR North Carolina
CHU Analysis: On the cusp of moving back into the NBA's upper tier, Philadelphia must hammer out a deal with Andre Miller and hope Elton Brand stays healthy. The roster is deep on the wing, so the need is a backup point guard and length up front, if available.
18 Minnesota Timberwolves
(from Miami)
James Johnson SF/PF 6-8/255 SO Wake Forest
CHU Analysis: The third of four Grizzlies first rounders, this pick could be dealt... or not. Assuming Chris Wallace goes backcourt in the Lottery, size or a project is the logical choice.
19 Atlanta Hawks Jeff Teague PG 6-1/175 SO Wake Forest
CHU Analysis: Whether or not Mike Bibby stays, Atlanta's need in this Draft is at the point, even with the acquisition of combo Jamal Crawford. Good thing for the Hawks, a solid lead guard will be available. Although that player won't be Chris Paul or Deron Williams.
20 Utah Jazz Omri Casspi SF 6-9/210 Int'l Israel
CHU Analysis: Questions surrounding the status of Carlos Boozer lead you believe Utah will take a big body as insurance. But a swingman also makes sense, especially if Andrei Kirilenko plays a lot of four.
21 New Orleans Hornets DeJuan Blair PF 6-6/275 SO Pittsburgh
CHU Analysis: For a team seemingly a couple players away from contending for a title, New Orleans could use depth at virtually every position - even point guard. It only seems Chris Paul plays 48 minutes a night. If a suitable big is not available, look for GM Jeff Bower to grab a wing who can play immediately.
22 Portland Trailblazers
(from Dallas)
Nick Calathes PG 6-5/180 SO Florida
CHU Analysis: Kevin Pritchard has promised to find a vet to add to Portland's deep and talented roster, so moving into the Lottery didn't happen. Portland moved up to #22 in a swap with Dallas to ensure Sacramento didn't nab their guy. This pick is one to put away in Europe for a year if desired.
23 Sacramento Kings
(from Houston)
Sam Young SF 6-6/225 SR Pittsburgh
CHU Analysis: Rumor had the Kings locked into Casspi here, with Portland leapfrogging them to instead. That is speculation, but Petrie certainly has plenty of need for a contributor here. This could be a nice place to grab a player whose stock is dropping.
24 Dallas Mavericks
(from Portland)
Austin Daye SF 6-10/195 SO Gonzaga
CHU Analysis: Similar to Phoenix, Dallas is stuck between needing to rebuild or make another push behind Dirk Notwitzki and possibly Jason Kidd. While lacking in substance, expect the best player available to be picked here.
25 Oklahoma City Thunder
(from San Antonio)
Chase Budinger G/F 6-7/205 JR Arizona
CHU Analysis: If the Thunder nab Thabeet with the third selection, this is a chance to pick someone who can complement Russell Westbrook. This far down, Sam Presti may select a player headed overseas or move it in a trade. Again, it's about the best talent left on the board at this point.
26 Chicago Bulls
(from Denver)
DaJuan Summers SF 6-8/245 JR Georgetown
CHU Analysis: With at least one of their first rounders, Chicago will look to go big.
27 Memphis Grizzlies
(from Orlando)
Eric Maynor PG 6-3/165 SR VCU
CHU Analysis: It remains to be seen if Memphis will go big or small in the Lottery, which may or may not influence this pick. It's a crapshoot down here anyway.
28 Minnesota Timberwolves
(from Boston)
Wayne Ellington SG 6-5/200 JR North Carolina
CHU Analysis: A fourth first rounder? It's hard to believe the Grizzlies keep them all, but whoever picks here will try to grab a role player and maybe a diamond in the rough.
29 New York Knicks
(from LA Lakers)
Toney Douglas PG 6-2/185 SR Florida St.
CHU Analysis: New York paid $3 million for this pick, so there is someone Walsh likes here, whether it be Douglas or Miami's Jack McClinton.
30 Cleveland Cavaliers Taj Gibson PF 6-9/215 JR USC
CHU Analysis: Oh, the Cavs have the 30th pick? Anyway, is Shaq - or Chris Kaman or Marcus Camby - headed to Cavs or not. Sounds like a deal for a big is on the verge.
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   2009 NBA Draft Information
  Date   June 25, 2009
  Time   7:00 PM EST | ESPN
  Location   Madison Square Garden

  2009 NBA Draft Information
   CHU Mock 2009 NBA Draft
   CHU Mock 2010 NBA Draft
   2009 NBA Draft Early Entrants

2009 NBA Draft Point Guard Prospects
1) Ricky Rubio 6-4/175 Spain
2) Jrue Holiday 6-4/200 UCLA
3) Stephen Curry 6-3/180 Davidson
4) Tyreke Evans 6-5/220 Memphis
5) Jonny Flynn 6-0/195 Syracuse
6) Brandon Jennings 6-1/175 Arizona
7) Ty Lawson 6-0/195 North Carolina
8) Jeff Teague 6-2/175 Wake Forest
9) Eric Maynor 6-3/165 VCU
10) Darren Collison 6-1/165 UCLA
11) Patrick Mills 6-0/175 St. Mary's
12) Nick Calathes 6-5/180 Florida
13) Toney Douglas 6-2/185 Florida St.

2009 NBA Draft Scoring Guard Prospects
1) James Harden 6-5/220 Arizona State
2) Demar DeRozan 6-6/210 USC
3) Gerald Henderson 6-5/215 Duke
4) Chase Budinger 6-7/205 Arizona
5) Wayne Ellington 6-5/200 North Carolina
6) Jodie Meeks 6-4/210 Kentucky
7) Danny Green 6-6/210 North Carolina
8) Marcus Thornton 6-4/195 LSU
9) Jermaine Taylor 6-4/205 UCF
10) Dionte Christmas 6-5/210 Temple

2009 NBA Draft Swing Forward Prospects
1) Earl Clark 6-9/225 Louisville
2) DaJuan Summers 6-8/245 Georgetown
3) Terrence Williams 6-6/215 Louisville
4) Sam Young 6-6/225 Pittsburgh
5) Austin Daye 6-10/195 Gonzaga
6) Jonas Jerebko 6-9/220 Sweden
7) Omri Casspi 6-9/210 Israel
8) DeMarre Carroll 6-7/205 Missouri
9) Joe Ingles 6-9/225 Australia
10) Paul Harris 6-4/225 Syracuse

2009 NBA Draft Power Forward Prospects
1) Blake Griffin 6-9/250 Oklahoma
2) Jordan Hill 6-10/230 Arizona
3) Tyler Hansbrough 6-9/235 North Carolina
4) DaJuan Blair 6-6/275 Pittsburgh
5) James Johnson 6-8/255 Wake Forest
6) Derrick Brown 6-8/225 Xavier
7) Victor Claver 6-11/225 Spain
8) Taj Gibson 6-9/215 USC
9) Jon Brockman 6-7/250 Washington
10) Chinemelu Elonu 6-10/235 Texas A&M

2009 NBA Draft Center Prospects
1) Hasheem Thabeet 7-2/265 Connecticut
2) B.J. Mullens 7-1/260 Ohio State
3) Josh Heytvelt 6-11/245 Gonzaga

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